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Service Station Construction in Progress

Setting the Stage

Located at a strategically significant crossroads in Mansa Nsumbu area, this service station is poised to become more than just a stop for refueling; it's designed to be a hub of convenience for travelers, a pillar of economic activity for the local community, and a symbol of our commitment to sustainable development.

The first phase of our service station construction project has focused on laying a solid foundation. Our team of skilled engineers and workers are working tirelessly to ensure that the groundwork is not just robust but also adheres to the highest safety standards. The installation of underground tanks and fuel distribution systems is in line of execution with precision to guarantee the safety of fuel storage and dispensing.

Fuel Tanks Ready for Installation

Minimart Construction: With creativity and innovativeness in mind, our architects have designed a modern and aesthetically pleasing station, featuring convenient facilities like rest areas, clean restrooms, and a well-stocked convenient Minimart store whose work is still ongoing as simultaneously.

Upcoming Milestones: As we move forward, our focus will be on completing the superstructure, including the canopy and service areas. Our team will also install cutting-edge fuel dispensing systems and safety features. We anticipate the station becoming operational within the next few months, providing a valuable service to the community and passing motorists.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting project, and thank you for being part of our journey at Nkwiza Trading Limited.

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