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Paving & Landscapping

We supply and install paving bricks for driveways commercial parking areas and industrial yards, and landscaping for residential and commercial properties. We also design & build landscape, cladding, gardens and swimming pools

Landscape design and installation:

This involves working with clients to design and create outdoor living spaces that incorporate natural elements like trees, shrubs, flowers, and water features. Landscape designers also provide advice on hardscape elements such as patios, walkways, retaining walls, cladding and outdoor lighting.

Paving and hardscaping:

This includes the installation of various outdoor surfaces such as driveways, walkways, patios, retaining walls, and other outdoor features made from materials such as pavers, concrete, asphalt, and stone. The paving and hardscaping services also include resurfacing and repair of existing outdoor surfaces.

Lawn and garden care:

We offer lawn and garden maintenance services that include mowing, fertilization, weeding, trimming, and pruning. These services also include irrigation system installation and maintenance.

Outdoor lighting:

Outdoor lighting can add an attractive and functional element to an outdoor living space. Landscape and paving companies may provide outdoor lighting design and installation services, including energy-efficient LED lighting systems.

Water features:

Water features such as fountains, pool construction, and waterfalls can add a serene and tranquil element to outdoor living spaces. Nkwiza’s Landscape and paving services offers installation and maintenance for these types of features.

Overall, our landscape and paving services covers a variety of services to help clients create and maintain beautiful, functional outdoor living spaces that reflect their unique style and needs.

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