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Computer desk, conference tables, executive chairs & desks, executive waiting chairs, full height cabinets, reception desk, metal cabinets, workstations, stools and sofas, safes, mesh chairs.

Office Furniture

All types and sizes of uniforms (for security firms, Military, Police, Schools, hospitals and offces) Safety garments and boots/shoes. Sportswear, Helmets, Gloves and protective goggles, Dust masks

Uniforms & Protective Clothings

We supply the following food stuffs: Maize, Soyabeans, Rice, Sample, Beans, Mealie meal etc. All types of fresh and dried vegetables and fresh fruits (Tomatoes, Green pepper, Egg-plantsetc.) Meat products Chicken and Quails, Fishand Kapenta, Cooking oil, Spices.

Food Stuff

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